One day in the forest

"Jeg må ut i Guds frie natur,
må få lov til å ha pusterom."
- Theodor Kittelsen

Photo book about Oslomarka

Self-publishing / Blurb, December 2022
Small Square, 7×7 in, 18×18 cm, 78 pages, hardcover

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About the book

One day in the forest

I'm sitting in front of a cozy wooden cabin surrounded by the tempting fragrance of freshly baked cinnamon rolls blended with the scent of the morning dew. There is nowhere else a morning coffee tastes as good as in such a place as the middle of a forest.

On the way here the hills rose gently upwards. I passed a lake with a surface so calm that it reflected its surroundings like a mirror. I enjoyed listening to a beautiful melody sang by a blackbird, whilst the sound of a small stream trickled in the background. Being so close to natures beauty made me want to stroke moss-covered rocks and hug some old trees. Starting a walk when the sun is low, makes it easier for my senses to catch all those tiny details and feel the calm all around me.

However, my greatest joy was seeing the morning fog roll over the hills. For some reason I'm obsessively in love with her. The dance of the fog always delights me and provokes a reflection of the passing time. On the way back home the sun finally broke through the clouds changing the atmosphere almost in the blink of an eye. The warmth I felt on my skin and the scent of wildflowers made my heart smile and brought an intense feeling of happiness and gratitude.

I don't really know how many such walks I have been on since I moved to Norway. It’s almost as if there was a subtle yet surprisingly strong call of nature beckoning me. Or perhaps it was just the way my subconscious was telling me that I simply needed it. I don't know a better way to bring back an inner balance and gather energy whilst unleashing my creativity. Few things make me feel better than a good long walk. It’s in moments like these that I feel most alive.

My memory sometimes fails me, but the first time in Oslomarka is a time that I remember as if it was yesterday. Two months after moving to Oslo, I went for a lonely walk in the forest. I chose a path quite accidentally and had no specific plans or expectations. With each step, I experienced more and more positive surprises. After a number of walks like this, I quickly discovered that Oslomarka is not only an ordinary forest that provides endless possibilities at any time of the year, it also offers charming cabins with delicious food, nice people and a fascinating history.

Oslo has been my home for almost a decade now. I can’t tell how much of that time I have spent in Oslomarka, sometimes walking alone, and sometimes with my family or our friends. This place has given me a sense of belonging that I had never had before. After so many years, Oslomarka still delights and surprises me. Taking photos during a walk is my way to be here and now, to be mindful, to capture those magical moments and share them with others.


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